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EndNote: Web of Science

Adding from Web of Science

You can search Web of Science internally using EndNote's online search functionality but it may be preferable to search the database as usual then export specific results.

Firstly, open your EndNote library.

In Web of Science, enter your search details as normal then click Search. If unsure, see our Web of Science guide.

  1. On the results screen, select the records you want by clicking in the box to the left of each reference. [Alternatively, select a range or records from the page options].
  2. Above and below the results, you will see page options - Select 'Export'.
  3. Select EndNote Desktop.
  4. A pop-up box will appear. From the options, choose how much of the record you want to export; we recommend you include the abstract. 
  5. Select Export.
  6. Your records are automatically imported into the EndNote library that you have opened.
  7. In some browsers, your records will be downloaded in a file displayed at the bottom of your screen. Open the file to import the records into EndNote. For Web of Science, the filename will end with .ciw. 
  8. Your EndNote library will now display the newly imported records.