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EndNote Online

Tips on using EndNote Online to manage your references

What is EndNote Online?

EndNote Online is a cloud-based reference management product, in other words an online store for all your references. 

Why should I use EndNote Online?

With EndNote Online, you can:

  • Store in a single location, the reference details for all of your information sources (books, journals, websites, reports, videos...);
  • Organise the references into custom groups (e.g. keep all the sources for an assignment together, even when using the same source in different assignments); 
  • Share your groups with others (useful for group assignments); 
  • Automatically generate a reference list as you add citations to your text in MS Word, or, if preferred, quickly add a fully formatted reference list to your document.


If you are unsure that EndNote Online is the best resource for your references, please see our Reference Management guide for alternative options. 

How do I create an account?

  1. Go to Web of Science (link above).
  2. Login using your university Office 365 account. 
  3. From the menu along the top of the window, select 'Products' then 'EndNote'. 
  4. A pop-up window will appear. Select 'Register' to create your account.   
  5. Enter details as prompted, including a new password.  This will only apply to your EndNote Online account.  Note - this should contain a special character.
  6. Check your email for the registration confirmation.
  7. Return to the sign in screen and enter your username and password. Sign In.
  8. You will be prompted to accept the user agreement.
  9. Explore options with the 'Getting Started' guide. 


How do I login to EndNote Online after I've registered?

Once you have registered your account, you can 'Bookmark' or 'Favourite' the direct link below for quick access. 

[Depending on your device, you can also right click, select 'open in new tab' and keep this guide open.]

After signup, is my account ready to use?

Yes, you can add references and use your account immediately.

To get the most benefit from EndNote Online though, we recommend that you also download:

  • Cite While Your Write plugin - to link your EndNote library with MS Word. [Note: if you are also using EndNote20, this plugin will already be installed on your device].
    • Select 'Format' from the EndNote Online menu bar, choose the plugin then follow the prompts.
  • EndNote Click - easily collate PDFs and seamlessly import them into your EndNote library.
  • EndNote app IF you're using an i-pad or i-phone.

EndNote Online v. EndNote20

  • EndNote Online is a good introductory reference manager with in-built guidance. It's on the cloud so versatile if you're using multiple devices.
  • EndNote20 offers greater functionality - worth exploring for those at higher levels of study. 
  • If using both - activate the 'Sync' function to link your libraries and keep your EndNote20 account up-to-date.

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