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Referencing at UWS: Official Publications

UK statutes (Acts of Parliament)

According to Section G10.5 in CTR 12th edition, Acts of Parliament (UK legislation), should be referenced as follows:

The short title of the Act should be used, including the year in which it was enacted.  This means that the date appears as part of the title and should therefore not be repeated in round brackets after the title.

Please note that most Acts, or parts of, can now be accessed either as a PDF document or as a web page.  You would reference the website where you found the Act to which you are referring (as in the example below):

Environment Act 2021, c. 30. Available at: (Accessed: 28 July 2023).


Act of Parliament Scotland Online

Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009 (asp 12). Available at: (Accessed: 01 July 2020). 

Section G10.7a in CTR Harvard 12th edition.

Command Paper UK Online

Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs (2018) Health and harmony: the future for food, farming and the environment in a green Brexit (Cm 9577). Available at: (Accessed: 01 July 2020). 

Section G10.12 in CTR Harvard 12th edition.


European Union (EU) Legal Sources

Council regulation (EU) 2018/1999 on the governance of the energy union and climate action, (2018) Official Journal L 328/, p.1. Available at: (Accessed: 01 July 2020). 

Section G11 in CTR Harvard 12th edition.

Hansard Online

Law, C. (2019) 'Climate change', Hansard: House of Commons debates, 24 June 2019, vol.662, c.519. Available at: (Accessed: 02 July 2020). 

Section G10.3a in CTR Harvard 12th edition.

House of Commons Paper Online

Parliament. House of Commons, Scottish Affairs Committee (2016) The renewable energy sector in Scotland. HC 2016-2017 767). Available at: (Accessed: 02 July 2020). 

Section G10.1 in CTR Harvard 12th edition.

Statutory Instruments (SIs) UK

The greenhouse gas emissions trading scheme (Amendment) regulations 2020 SI 2020/18. Available at: (Accessed: 01 July 2020). 

Section G10.6 in CTR Harvard 12th edition.

Scottish Statutory Instruments (SSIs)

The Environmental Authorisations (Scotland) regulations 2018 (SSI 2018/219). Available at: (Accessed: 01 July 2020). 

Section G10.7b in CTR Harvard 12th edition.