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Referencing at UWS: Patents and Technical Publications

Patent Online

Jackson, J. (2020) A design for an efficient symbiotic electricity generation plant. UK Intellectual Property Office Patent no. GB2579536. Available at: (Accessed: 02 July 2020). 

Section E18.2 in CTR Harvard


British Standard Online

British Standards Institution (2019) BS EN ISO1409:2019 Adaption to climate change. Principles, requirements and guidelines. Available at: BSOL Standards online (Accessed: 02 July 2020). 

Section E18.1 in CTR Harvard


Technical Report Online

PICES/ICES Working group (2013) PICES Sci. Rep. No. 45 Report of the PICES/ICES Working Group on Forecasting Climate Change Impacts on Fish and Shellfish. Available at: (Accessed: 02 July 2020). 

Section E18.1 in CTR Harvard