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Referencing at UWS: Other Referencing Styles

Why use other styles of referencing?

Some academic disciplines, such as Law and Psychology, for example, prefer to use other referencing styles because they are more suited to the types of material that are most commonly used in that particular discipline.

Whilst the vast majority of staff and students at UWS will use Cite Them Right Harvard the following exceptions apply:

Psychology - APA (American Psychological Association) style

Law - OSCOLA (Oxford Standard for Citation of Legal Authorities)

Scottish Baptist College - Chicago style

If you are unsure as to the referencing style that you should be using please check with your Academic School or refer to your course/module handbook.  You can also ask your lecturer/tutor/supervisor.

APA referencing

APA referencing is a variant on the Harvard style of referencing.  Most of the conventions are the same, with brief author-date citations (in brackets) within the body of the text and full citations in the reference list.

The following web sites contain very detailed information in the use of this style:

OSCOLA referencing

Oxford Standard for the Citation of Legal Authorities is the accepted method for the referencing of legal materials, such as law cases, statutes and parliamentary papers, for example.  In-text citations appear as footnotes and there is a formal set of abbreviations for key sources, such as AC for Appeal Cases.

If you are studying Law at UWS you will be given guidance on the way in which you are required to use OSCOLA and you must adhere to this.

The following web site from the Faculty of Law at University of Oxford contains very useful information:

Chicago referencing

The Chicago style of referencing offers two options for citations: brief citations can be listed in the body of the text (your own work) or these can appear as footnotes.

Staff and students of the Scottish Baptist College should check with the College to determine which of the two options should be used.

The following web site provides a very good introduction to the Chicago referencing style:

Please note!

If you are unsure about which style of referencing that you should use please check with your Academic School, department, lecturer, tutor or supervisor.

You can also check course or module handbooks (usually available on Moodle).

If you are in any doubt please do not start to reference until you are sure of the system that you should be using but do ensure that you keep records of the sources that you have used when writing up your own work.